"We think you're an awesome teacher -- his playing has come a long, long way since he started with you!!" -- CG

"Thank you for all you do for the students.  [Our son] really enjoys piano and loves having you for his teacher. We are SO thankful for you! -- KE

"Thank you for a great recital last Sunday. [Our daughter]  had a wonderful time and your students are amazing." -- CM

"Thank you for being such a patient instructor.  I love the way you word things to teach and correct." -- BS

" You do such a great job with [our daughter].  You really have a gentle spirit with your students and I know it makes [her] want to practice and do well for you! " -- DA

 Thank you for [our daughter's (a new transfer student) first]  lesson today. She was so happy.  When she got in the car she thanked me for finding you, and said that she felt like she learned more in that lesson than she had in a long time, and that you were so nice." -- KG